BlockBoost is a professional organization registered in Singapore, the core team is based in Silicon Valley. BlockBoost provides overseas user growth services to technology-driven blockchain projects and builds global brands.  

We focus on high-quality user growth for IoTeX in overseas communities.



The team competency model includes global 4A brand strategy consulting, user growth and community building. Team members came from Stanford, Berkeley, New York University, University of Southern California, San Francisco Art University, and more.


Tech Setup

We are also professional Block Producer team with experience in node operations.

Hardware Configuration


Server: Primary server and backup server

Memory: 32 GB RAM

CPU Processor: 64-bit  8 Cores (2.4 GHz)

Network: 100 MB/sec

Software Configuration

Linux Debian Stretch with Golang 1.10.x environment and alerting tools.

​Community Plan


YouTube: we have a partnership with many popular vloggers within the blockchain industry. Their video exposure will help boost the reputation of IoTeX within overseas blockchain community


Discord: in-depth developer communication, built a healthy developer community for IoTeX.


Podcast Interview: we have a partnership with popular blockchain radio and podcast. We can also use BitcoinTalk and overseas rating agencies to increase overseas influence for IoTeX.

Reward Distribution Plan

75% - for voters (Thank you for your support!)

15% - maintain infrastructure

10% - grow IoTeX Community