Focused on high-quality user growth for blockchain projects in overseas communities

Targets TECHNICAL COMMUNITY user growth and aims to build global top 10 blockchain brand

BlockBoost is a professional organization registered in Singapore, the core team is based in Silicon Valley. BlockBoost provides overseas user growth services to technology-driven blockchain projects and builds global brands.  

Our Advantage

Technology developer resource pool

After hosting technology events for years, the group has built an effective technology developer resources library, with over 20,000 high-quality users.


Industrial Think Tank

SV Research Institute connects the industry’s top experts to gain insight into the current status and trends of the blockchain industry in China and the United States

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Global Vision

We are based in Silicon Valley and understand perfectly about building community in the English environment. We know how to use English publicity to differentiate brands and make projects stand out.


Media Traffic

Exclusive strategic partner “SV Insight, SV Blockchain” has over 4 million high-quality users over the entire network, and has long attracted the attention of top-tier investment institutes from China and United States.


Blockchain Connect Conference

The company hosts two Blockchain Connect Conferences per year in Silicon Valley or San Francisco. The event showcases top global industrial resources.


Rich Experience

The team competency model includes global 4A brand strategy consulting, user growth and community building. Team members came from Stanford, Berkeley, New York University, University of Southern California, San Francisco Art University, and more.

Blockchain Connect Conference has helped hundreds of

projects such as Litecoin, Ripple and NEO to spread brand value

Services Provided

A: Strategy, positioning, tactics

Overall branding strategy plan: locate the current position of project within the industry based on macro and micro environment analysis, determine the exact positioning of the product by studying the product, its competitors and target audience. Ensure focused strategy of brand building, use scientific methodology for user acquisition.

B: Developer contest/Ecosystem construction

The developer community is one of the most important components of a blockchain project community ecosystem. Using the developer content, developer incentive plans and other online and offline strategies to attract attention of more developers, to make these developers become project participants, is an important part of ecosystem construction.


C: English content strategy, writing, distribution and management

C-1: English technical article and other content

The team is based in Silicon Valley, the content creators have both global technical vision and technical background as Silicon Valley developers. They are able to understand the subtle differences between different projects and push the technical advantage to more users over the world. 

C-2: English article distribution

Delivery and distribution to over 360 English media organizations within the United States.

C-3: Premium English media reporting

Reporting from premium English media such as CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and others. 


D: Community operation, user growth

YouTube: we have partnership with many popular vloggers within blockchain industry. Their video exposure will help boost the reputation of project within overseas blockchain community

Twitter: with unique growth strategy, conduct daily operation to ensure steady user growth

Telegram: achieve user growth with  reasonable growth measures

Reddit: daily operation based on content strategy

Discord: in depth developer communication, built a healthy developer community for project

Radio Interview: we have partnership with popular blockchain radio and podcast. We can also use BitcoinTalk and overseas rating agencies to increase overseas influence


E: Bounty program for user growth

Achieve fast user growth while ensuring user quality. Our Bounty program partner UGot ensures the highly efficient growth of global followers in Twitter, Telegram, Reddit.

F: Offline Events

E1: Blockchain Connect Conference: our exclusive strategic partner SV Insight hosts Blockchain Connect Conference annually, which is among the biggest and highest quality blockchain summit in the States. Priority exhibition slots are provided to BlockBoost partners.

E2: Silicon Valley Roadshow: launch 100-200 people roadshow events in Silicon Valley to help promote the project at Silicon Valley


G: VI and operational design

Provide project with brand design and fulfill its designing needs for publicity

Partner Projects

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